Prime Mission, Kansas Location Next Door to Community Center, Restaurants and Parks

Rarely does a near perfect in-fill location exist like the three-acre site EPC discovered at the corner of Johnson Drive and Lamar. We grade desirability of sites on the basis of walkability, proximity to jobs and accessibility to retail. Overall these elements combine to create the lifestyle our residents are looking for. This location in Mission, Kansas has it all: located adjacent to the Sylvester Powell Community Center with amenities including an indoor pool and jogging track, fitness center and meeting space; next to the Community Center is a City Park. The Mission area is home to several businesses including dining and entertainment options, yoga, Starbucks, banks and much more.

This $40 million project will be in the center of it all. Designed to match the city’s mission architectural style, the project will contain 200 apartment units, interior courtyard and balconies for each apartment. The building’s featured design element is a 5,000-square-foot restaurant with a large exterior courtyard facing the street. The goal is to offer the best sit-down restaurant in the Mission area.