Development Services

Our development team specializes in identifying opportunities and creating unique projects in the marketplace that deliver the “WOW Factor”. By branding, differentiating and marketing our projects, EPC has had great success since being formed in 1999. EPC provides full development services on each project including land acquisition, design, planning and zoning approvals and construction management. With over 75 years of combined experience, we have the ability to interpret market demand factors and develop most any type of commercial or residential project on budget and on time.


Using innovation to create unique real estate developments in order to satisfy needs in the marketplace. EPC is committed to providing a much needed mid-rise residential product type to the market that provides the amenities and finishes necessary to change our customers’ perception of leasing.

Asset Management

We provide asset and property management services (EPC Management) for new residential developments and on a limited basis for third party projects. This includes financial management, lease-up and stabilized property management. As part of our development services approach, we feel it is imperative to know how to operate a high-end apartment project to deliver the quality and operating efficiency necessary to attract our target customer base. EPC Management has assembled a team of experts to operate our projects at the highest level in the industry on a financial and customer service basis.